Swedish Pancake Mix

Swedish Pancake Mix 218x300 Swedish Pancake MixWe know sometimes you just don’t have the time or desire to make Swedish Pancakes from scratch, yet you want a great tasting fast alternative, well the Swedish Pancake Mix from Lunds is just what you need. This product gets a near perfect rating, from satisfied customers who love these Swedish Pancakes.

You simply add an egg, water or milk, mix and you are ready to start flipping fantastic tasting Swedish Pancakes for a quick easy breakfast. Most folks who use this Swedish Pancake mix will often never make them from scratch again and they certainly favor these over the Swedish Pancake Bisquick Recipe.

You can get these in 12oz box, purchase one, or they come in a 6 box lot with free shipping if you are an Amazon Prime member.

Screen shot 2014 01 25 at 9.15.21 PM Swedish Pancake Mix




Now as you know, you need to add Lingonberries to your list as well, nothing tops these Swedish pancakes better than Lingonberry Jam.

Lingonberry Jam 182x300 Swedish Pancake Mix

You can purchase by the jar or in a 4 pack as well.







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Now if you want to give a nice thoughtful gift for that person who just might love Swedish Pancakes without the hassle, try this: Swedish Pancake Mix Gift Set

1 Giftbox

1 box of Lunds Swedish Pancake mix, and 1 jar of Lingonberry jam

Swedish Pancke Mix Gift Set 300x214 Swedish Pancake Mix






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We believe this is the best alternative to making your own…….Swedish Pancake Mix by Lunds