Swedish Pancake Recipe From Scratch

How to Make Pancakes from Scratch1 300x168 Swedish Pancake Recipe From ScratchSwedish pancake recipe is very easy and not at all complicated as many people believe it to be. The Swedish pancakes are very different from the American pancakes that one makes. The Swedish pancakes can be consumed anytime in the day. They make a delicious breakfast and also a fine, light dinner for the individuals. Making the Swedish pancakes is not at all a difficult task and following some basic steps will help one to make great Swedish pancakes.

The process of making Swedish pancakes

For making Swedish pancakes, you need three eggs. If you do not want to consume eggs due to the high fat and cholesterol levels, then you can also opt for the egg substitute. Whatever you may use, be it the egg or the egg substitute, you must whisk it in a good way. This will help to make better pancakes. Next one must add two cups of milk, half teaspoon salt, one tablespoon of sugar and one and a half cup of flour to the egg mixture. Then you must whisk the mixture in a good manner until the mixture becomes smooth. Using whole wheat flour is better for those individuals who have a tendency for high cholesterol levels. Whole wheat flour has good carbohydrates which is good for the health and also reduces the amount of the cholesterol levels in the body. Add to the mixture four table spoons of melted butter. The person must next heat the skillet. Next put some butter or cooking spray on the skillet. Add one teaspoon of the batter in the skillet and cook till one side has become golden brown. When the edges become golden brown and the pancake has developed holes on the surface, flip it on the other side. One needs to cook each side for about two minutes to make the pancake edible. Flipping the pancake must be done only when the side becomes golden brown or else the pancake will become mushy. For making good Swedish pancakes you can cook the pancakes in shallow frying pans. This will help you to make good pancakes.

Tips to eat Swedish pancakes

Swedish pancake recipe is a simple recipe that can be made easily at your home. Keeping a few tips in mind will come in handy while making the pancakes. The Swedish people like to serve the pancakes with lingonberry or Cloudberry Preserves Swedish Pancake Recipe From Scratch
. However you can add any other kind of preservatives to the pancakes and consume it. The Swedish pancakes can be consumed with butter or syrup or you can eat them without them also. It depends solely on your taste preferences.

Hence one can very well understand that making Swedish pancakes is very easy to make. It can be made at your home easily. By following a few tips and working accordingly, you will be able to make delicious Swedish pancakes and able to earn the praise of your friends, relatives and family members who will be consuming the Swedish pancakes made by you.